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Wolverine Storm On Tank Airsoft HPA Regulator - Black

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SKU 485707
People oftern ask is what regulator we recommend. The Wolverine Airsoft Storm is the only regulator we recommend to achive the full potential of your Wolverine Airsoft system. All of our systems run extremely well , not only at high pressure , but also at low pressure. Storm was desinged specifically for airsoft and operates as perfectly at low pressure as it does at low pressure. Tisn means that youcan save your air by using Storm which will keep you in the game longer!

About Wolverine Airsoft - Wolverine Airsoft exist to enable you to have the most fun you can playing the game that you love. We are leading the way in HPA inovation and Storm is the next step in the masterplan. Keep an eye out for more game changing inovations from Wolverine Airsoft. 

  • Ultra fast recharge rates 
  • Adjustable from 40psi to 140psi  
  • Screws directly onto tank