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G&G Airsoft Battery Wall Charger Ni-MH Small Tamiya Connector

by G&G
SKU 318484
G&G Airsoft Gun Battery Charger

Model No : G-11-023
  • 120-240V input
  • DC15V 800mA output
  • 500 mA charging current
  • Mini tamiya plug connector

    1. Controlled by smart 12 bit A/D Microprocessor to increase rechargeable batteries lifespan.
    2. 2 dual color LED indicators.
    3. Automatic trickle charge after full charge.
    5. Short circuit protection.

    1. Connect Ni-MH battery pack with the charger. Make sure the connection is correct between the poles
    2. Plug the charger into the household AC outlet. The red LED indicator will light up for proper charging.
    3. After full charge, the LED indicator turns green and then trickle charge will be started to keep the power of batteries.
    4. Please remove the charger from the AC outlet, and then remove the battery pack from the charger after full charge.

    For rechargeable Ni-MH battery pack only