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ASG Airsoft Storm 360 Impact Gas Grenade - Olive

by ASG
SKU 725520

The Storm 360 is a reusable grenade for airsoft use only. That is easy to use and reliably fires up to 160 BBs when it impacts with walls or the ground. Its rotation effect disperses the BB in all directions up to 10m (32.8 feet) away. It is made mostly of nylon, making it robust and light. Its realistic size allows it to fit into a grenade pocket.

It can be reloaded quickly when using a speed loader, thanks to a conveniently placed fill valve.

  • Manufacturer: ASG
  • Material: Nylon Polymer
  • Propellant: Green Gas
  • Capacity: 165 BBs
  • Color: Lime Green
  • Spread: 10 meters 360 degrees
  • Recommended BBs: 6mm (0.12g - 0.20g)
  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3.75 x 2.75 inches (95x75mm)


  • Durable high density nylon polymer
  • 100% reusable grenade with 360 degree dispersal pattern with up to a 10 meter blast radius
  • Easy to load and reset
  • Full metal internal parts
  • Fits in standard sized grenade pouches
  • Impact style detonation trigger

For airsoft use only. 

  • Item was never actual ordnance

  • Item can't be converted into actual ordnance